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Malia Howard,

         Jonathan Frid An Actor's Curious Journey

This career biography of actor Jonathan Frid was first published in 2001.  Now, a new edition is being published after more than 10 years out of print.

The 2016 publication is a Commemorative Edition in honor of Mr. Frid's memory.  It includes two additional chapters not seen in the original version and also contains over 200 B&W photographs, numerous stories and anecdotes gleaned from a series of interviews conducted with Mr. Frid from 1999 to 2001, and a detailed recounting of Mr. Frid's entire career - from his amateur days to his One-Man-Shows.  This book is a must for any collector of material on Jonathan Frid!

Price $35 plus local sales tax and standard shipping/handling of $10.  Purchases can be made via PayPal using the Payment Tab on this website.  The book can also be ordered directly at Lulu.Com (my on demand publisher).  Just put the name "Jonathan Frid" in Lulu's search engine and the book ordering page will appear.

Also available, is a CD recording: "Conversations With Jonathan."  This is a recording of one of the interviews I conducted in Mr. Frid's home in Canada in 1999.  Originally recorded on a micro-casset recorder, it was not taped with reproduction in mind so the audio quality reflects that reality.  Still, if you have the ability to listen to the recording on a PC you will find this a rare and enjoyable treat.  The format used to reproduce the conversation on CD was Windows Media Player, which is playable on PCs and some free standing CD players.

Price: $22 plus $3 standard shipping and handling.  Orders can be made using the Payment tab on this website.

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